Always reframing.

The current gender wars are not a fight against the binary roles that constrict our society, instead this particular manifestation of the culture wars is a battle against trans women in particular. Most of the debate concerns what services trans women should or should not be allowed to access, from public toilets to public services.

And why would that be? Because trans women are men, and women need protections from men in certain circumstances.

Perhaps all of this was to be expected, and perhaps it is just part of a larger backlash against the mainstreaming of LGBTQ+ rights over the decades.

No, it isn’t, because “LGBTQ+ rights” aren’t a big pudding, they’re a bag of rocks, and the rocks are not all compatible with each other. The T “rights” aren’t always rights, and the ones that aren’t rights are often in conflict with actual LG rights. The T “rights” are mostly about being ratified as the other sex, and that is in fact not a genuine right, any more than it’s a genuine right for me to identify as two feet tall and get in brawls with toddlers.

This debate may remain contentious for some time, but any lesbian, gay or bisexual person, in particular, supporting the current war on trans people, should remember that while T is near the end of our acronym, the other letters are just further back in the queue.


Any talk of the movement going too far, or the community getting too broad is just a shameless display of exclusion, pointing at someone else you think is weirder than you and saying they are the real problem.

No, that’s wrong. It’s just handwaving. There are real issues, and declaring them automatically invalid because the T is near the G is just empty sloganeering.

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