His dream, but not hers

Again with this crap.

Valentina Petrillo could this year become the first openly transgender woman to compete at the Paralympics. For the visually impaired Italian, selection for the national squad would be a dream come true – but she says she understands why other athletes may have doubts and questions about racing against her.

“I’m happy as a woman and running as a woman is all I want. I couldn’t ask for more,” says Valentina Petrillo.

“I’ve got a fire inside me, that pushes me. An emotional strength. Obviously, my body’s not what it was at 20 when I was at my peak, but my happiness pushes me to go further, to go beyond my limits.”

But what Petrillo wants and Petrillo’s happiness isn’t the only issue.

The BBC does eventually get to the part about women who say it isn’t fair, but the part about Petrillo’s happiness and womanyness is what comes first.

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