It’s all about the Rainbow Badges

Haven’t we talked about this? Isn’t there some murmuring in certain quarters that Stonewall isn’t the boss of us? Aren’t there questions being asked about who made Stonewall God in charge of how Incloosiv everyone is?

Stonewall to judge NHS on LG inclusion:

NHS trusts will be judged by the controversial charity Stonewall on their LGBT “inclusion” in a £220,000 taxpayer-funded project.

The Telegraph has learnt that some 40 NHS trusts will be “benchmarked” on diversity after NHS England awarded the contract, titled NHS Rainbow Badges, to five LGBT groups.

Trusts will be given a bronze, silver or gold award depending on their ”inclusive cultures” and “trans status monitoring”, with assessors hired on a higher starting salary than nurses and paramedics.

Ah that’s an interesting detail. People who will be running around hospitals checking on how incloosiv they are will be paid more than the people who do the hard dangerous work.

Medics taking part are urged in official guidance to “pledge” via social media or a blog post “about how you will be an effective LGBT+ ally”, in order to “earn” a Pride flag pinned badge.

It comes as hospitals are to be given new guidance by the equalities regulator on preserving single-sex wards, after The Telegraph revealed some trusts said sex offenders who identified as women could be placed on female-only wards, and branded dissenters transphobic.

Stonewall says trans patients should be “admitted to wards and use facilities which match their gender” and says it is “completely inappropriate” to suggest trans patients pose a risk simply because they are trans.

But it’s not simply because they’re trans, as of course Stonewall knows. It’s because they’re men. Men can pose a risk to women.

As part of the new scheme, two “NHS Rainbow Badge Assessors” and a project manager have been hired, on between £28,900 and £30,000 per year, more than the starting salary for most nurses and paramedics.

It is understood the awards could expand to allow more NHS bodies to sign up, with health chiefs viewing this as a pilot project led by the equality charities Stonewall, LGBT Foundation, Switchboard, Consortium and Glaad.

An NHS spokesman said: “We know that some people are put off seeking care because of their sexuality, so this project is intended to help everyone feel able to come forward for help from the NHS.”

So now women will be put off seeking care because of their vulnerability to men. Brilliant.

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