The perps on the women’s ward

Apparently the hospital situation is as bad as ever.

NHS trusts are “gaslighting” patients over the inclusion of transgender patients on single-sex wards, a whistle-blower nurse has warned.

Dr Sinead Helyar said that in at least one trust if patients question why there is a male-bodied person on a female-only ward, medics have been told to “reiterate… that there are no men present”.

I don’t know why the Telegraph calls her a nurse and then a doctor, but anyway, we’ve heard this story before, and it’s pretty sick-making that it hasn’t been fixed.

Official NHS trust policy documents also compare patients who ask for single-sex spaces to racists and label them “transphobes”, “offenders” and “perpetrators”, she said.

Staff who raise safeguarding concerns may be threatened with disciplinary action or even criminal charges, according to Dr Helyar who warned that the NHS is influenced by controversial LGBT charity Stonewall.

That doesn’t sound like “influenced by” so much as “taking dictation from.”

Speaking in a personal capacity to a panel organised by parliamentary campaign group Children and Women First at the Conservative Party conference, Dr Helyar said that NHS policy is “formulated and enacted to the detriment of women”.

She said that many trusts, often under the influence of Stonewall, had developed transgender accommodation policies that “have failed to consider the rights and needs of women” and instead of equal treatment “prioritise male transgender patients in the very spaces set out for women”. 

You can’t have “equal treatment” in this situation when the whole issue is separation. If women want to be separate from men while men want to be in women’s spaces, you have to pick one or the other, you can’t provide “equal treatment.” Equal treatment isn’t always the right answer to a question. The rich and the poor alike are free to sleep under bridges.

A spokesman for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said that their guidance “aims to strike an appropriate balance” and the trust “strives to treat all people in its care and all staff with dignity and respect.”

No, that’s your problem right there. There is no “appropriate balance.” If I come to your house and grab a wheelbarrow load of your stuff, you’re not obliged to strike an appropriate balance such that I get to keep half of your stuff. Women should never be pushed to “balance” their right to safety and privacy with men’s desire to take that right away.

A Stonewall spokesperson said: “Trans women should be able to access dignified and high-quality healthcare in the same way as everyone else.

“Inclusive healthcare practices make us all safer and, in 2021, it should not be controversial to ensure that all LGBTQ+ people get the healthcare and support that they deserve.”

At Stonewall, we’ll continue to work with public sector organisations, including NHS trusts to ensure that their LGBTQ+ staff are supported at work.”

Blah blah blah waffle waffle evade evade. Notice that spokestwerp carefully never says what’s at stake. Dignified and high-quality healthcare, fine, but the issue is men insisting on being on women’s wards because they identify as women. If men can force their way onto women’s wards then where is the dignified and high-quality healthcare for them? Stress doesn’t help with healing, so forcing women to accept men on their wards is not high-quality anything for them.

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