It’s bigotry not to love a Trump fan

It’s not just “viewpoint.” At all.

Eric Kaufmann at National Review thinks willingness to fuck a Trump fan is an index of political open-mindedness. Come on. The vast unexplored foulness of Trump goes way beyond the political, and anybody who can’t see that is, to put it delicately, not desirable.

When a sample of nearly 1,500 female Ivy League students was asked whether they would date a Trump supporter, only 6 percent said yes (after excluding the small minority of the sample who support him [huh?]). So finds a survey of 20,000 university students that the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) conducted in 2020. While people are free to discriminate however they wish in dating, this attitude bleeds into problematic spheres such as hiring and social toleration.

So if people discriminate in dating in the sense of preferring to date people who are not flamboyantly rude, stupid, sadistic, ignorant, boring, conceited, loud, empty, vulgar, corrupt, dishonest, greedy, exploitative, selfish, and more, they are somehow working against social toleration?

It’s the other way around, chum. Social toleration doesn’t exist in Trumpworld, and we can’t get any more of it by encouraging him to continue being what he is on a public stage. That would be true if he had the most left-wing opinions on the market. It’s not primarily the politics, it’s the person. Nobody should tolerate that person.

Updating to add: see Screechy Monkey’s comment @ 18 for how deceptive that “only 6 percent” is.

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