Let’s ask the transfeminine lesbians

Is this rapey enough yet?

Man talking too fast: “Quickreminder tosome cislesbians outthere that pleasestop centeringyour lesbianism around penis disgust.”

That “quick reminder” item – nobody asked for some “reminder,” slow or fast, that lesbians have to love penis. Nobody has that requirement on her to-do list or schedule or daily planner page. It’s not a requirement, so you can’t “remind” us of it as such. Also “quick reminder that please stop” is not quality speeching.

But the real point of course is fuck off. Lesbians do not have to love penis. The end.

He’s not saying that any trauma you have “around them” isn’t valid, but he is saying that it shouldn’t define your lesbianism.

I bet I can figure out why he’s saying that. I bet he’s saying it because he has one and he doesn’t want those bitches having their own thoughts on the subject. They have to consult him on what thoughts they’re allowed to have. Why? I don’t know, I guess because of the pretty curls?

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