Many boxes

Powell attempted the Sheer Volume defense.

Powell insisted the volume of the suit they filed last November was testament to the extent of research and investigation the attorneys did.

“We filed a massive and detailed complaint in federal court that doesn’t even require us to append affidavits to it,” Powell said. “The very fact we filed 960 pages of affidavits with the complaint shows due diligence on our part. … The only way to test that is in the crucible of a trial or an evidentiary hearing,” she added, noting that the judge had thus far denied such a hearing.

Listen, it’s millions of words of bullshit, surely that counts for something.

“Volume, certainly for this court, doesn’t equate with legitimacy or veracity,” Parker shot back.

There oughta be an apothegm about that – A billion lies are as nothing compared to a single truth, or something like that. Attributed to Calvin Coolidge or Lucille Ball or whatever.

In a motion last December urging punishment of Powell, Wood and others, the city’s legal team wrote: “If sanctions are not deserved in this case, it is hard to imagine a case where they would be.”

“In a case involving the election of the President of the United States, the parties and their attorneys should be held to the highest standards of factual and legal due diligence; instead, they have raised false allegations and pursued unsupportable legal theories,” the city argued. “It is time for this Court to send a message back: lies and frivolous claims will not be tolerated. This abuse of our legal system deserves the strongest possible sanctions.”

It’s so awful it’s funny, but really it’s not funny at all.

[City attorney Herschel Fink said the misstatements in the court filings, like a claim that 139 percent of registered voters in Detroit cast ballots, had grave consequences. The correct turnout number reported by the city is just under 51 percent.

“These lies were put out into the world, and when they were put out into the world they were adopted and received by” influential people such as Trump, Fink said. He said that when Trump called Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to pressure him to flip the election to favor Trump, the president brought up the Detroit numbers.

“President Trump explicitly referenced the 139 percent voting statistic in Detroit as though it were fact,” Fink said. “These are the consequences. It’s the consequence of how they abused this system.”

And by the way what is Detroit famous for besides cars? For being a destination city during the Great Migration, and for remaining a majority Black city. It’s not a coincidence that these sleazes chose Detroit for their big lie.

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