Marketing miracle

When marketing discovers trans rhetoric and cannot believe its luck.

If you were marketing baby formula wouldn’t you be hugging yourself with glee? You get to talk about “putting breastfeeding on a pedestal”!! Without shame! In fact with a glow of righteous fervor, because you’re on the side of the downtrodden! Those selfish arrogant bitches, I mean cows, who can nurse their babies have lorded it over the men who identify as women for too long, so buy our formula and strike a blow for justice. #ShakeTheStigma

Remember the Nestlé scandal? Mike Muller in The Guardian in 2013:

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, I gave Nestlé chair Peter Brabeck, a present – an original, signed copy of The Baby Killer, the 1974 report that I wrote for War on Want.

The Baby Killer explained how multinational milk companies like his were causing infant illness and death in poor communities by promoting bottle feeding and discouraging breast feeding.

Our Swiss associates were less subtle. They titled the report “Nestlé Toten Babies” (or Nestlé Kills Babies), which a Swiss court found was libelous. On the substance of the argument, however, the judge warned Nestlé that if the company did not want to face accusations of causing death and illness through sales practices such as using sales reps dressed in nurses’ uniforms, they should change the way that they did business.

No more need for that, now they can just burble about supporting every kind of Feeding Journey.

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