Merseyside Police is watching YOU

Speaking of the police…


There’s a lot to notice about that. First there’s the fact that women are excluded from the list, I guess because women are never the target of hatred or violence. Then there’s the muddle of starting with a set of people and then instantly switching to a list of categories. Then there’s the fact that pimps are sex workers so what kind of “crime against” pimps do Merseyside Police have in mind? Then there’s belief – what is a “crime against” belief?

The other side isn’t great either. “BEING OFFENSIVE IS AN OFFENCE.” Really? All “being offensive” is a police matter? Have they thought this through?

I don’t know. The cops have never cared this much about women or immigrants or poor people or workers or brown people…they’ve never gone parading around town towing billboards saying “touch not mine anointed.” It’s only pimps and men who claim to be women who really get their zeal for policing going, I guess.

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