No magic solution

Sean Ingle at the Graun reports:

Trans women retain physique, stamina and strength advantages when competing in female sport, even when they reduce their testosterone levels, new guidelines for transgender participation in national and grassroots sport published by the UK sports councils will say on Thursday.

The long-awaited report argues there is no magic solution which balances the inclusion of trans women in female sport while guaranteeing competitive fairness and safety. And, for the first time, it tells sports across Britain that they will have to choose which to prioritise.

See I don’t think it should be a difficult choice. Competitive sport has never been about “inclusion” in the sense of “include everyone regardless of how unfair or dangerous that is.” How could it have been? How can you have competition if you also have to be inclusive? Competition excludes by definition – that’s what competition means.

Stressing that finding new ways to encourage greater inclusion is also hugely important, the report urges national governing bodies to find “innovative and creative ways to ensure nobody is left out” – including coming up with new formats, such as non-contact versions of team sports, that can be played safely and fairly by everyone.

I don’t think it is hugely important though. Even apart from the fact that competition entails exclusion, I don’t think it’s hugely important. Nobody gets included everywhere. I think men who want to live as women should just accept that they still can’t compete against women in sport. If that makes them sad I can’t really care all that much, I suppose because I think they shouldn’t want such a thing, any more than adults should want to be “included” on children’s teams. I’m not into all this “but still let’s do remember how sad this is for trans women.”

“Sport must be a place where everyone can be themselves, where everyone can take part and where everyone is treated with kindness, dignity and respect,” the guidelines state.

Sport in the most general sense, sure, but sport in the sense of competitive sport, well, it can’t be, can it. There is no competitive sport in which “everyone can take part” because people get weeded out.

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