Not the end

Another oh so confident man telling a woman how stupid she is for not believing that sex is all in the mind.

The end? Hardly.

What does it mean to “feel they are one sex”? Nothing, really. Do we “feel we are” humans? Primates? Mammals? Do we feel we are alive now at the end of 2021 as opposed to 1921? Do we feel we live on planet earth as opposed to Mars?

It’s not about what we “feel,” it’s about some basic facts that don’t depend on our thoughts and feelings. We’re free to feel or imagine or pretend we’re all kinds of things – an infinite array of things – but that doesn’t translate to an obligation for everyone else to agree with what we imagine.

And when it’s men trying to usurp the state of being female from people who are female, we really are not obliged to agree.

The beginning.

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