Now cancelled

Kathleen Stock and Peter Tatchell were going to discuss, but now they’re not.

Tatchell tweeted a statement that simply reiterates the fanatical dogmatism and hostility to women of the trans movement.

But what are “trans rights”? What does Tatchell take them to be? Putting it that way makes it sound as if skeptics of the dogma want to take human rights away from trans people, which is complete nonsense. The whole problem is that “trans rights” are such non-existent rights as erasing the word “women” from the language, as men forcing themselves into women’s spaces, as men taking jobs and prizes that were meant for women, as men competing against women in sport, including at the Olympics. Those aren’t rights – they’re violations of women’s rights.

He may think he doesn’t support misogyny, but unfortunately he’s dead wrong.

Updating to add: Kathleen of course zeroed in on the contradiction.

Well…he meant…there should be no debate there should just be Peter Tatchell challenging Her Views. It’s what they all mean.

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