Office life

It’s ok because women are Karens.

A former City bank worker took upskirt images of his female colleagues and covertly filmed them as they walked around the office, a court heard today.

Charles Sleilati, 53, made more than 300 videos of women he worked with at the leading bank, and also amassed around 1,000 images of random women in restaurants and on public transport.

Westminster magistrates court heard Sleilati was reported by whistleblowers within his Bishopsgate office, after concerns about his behaviour.

“The defendant was seen by other members of staff in an open-plan office taking pictures, filming up women’s skirts, and down their tops”, said prosecutor Komal Varsani.

He probably identifies as a porn producer. You have to respect his idenniny.

Sleilati, who has sought psychological help since his arrest, admits he videoed some of the victims under their desks, angling the camera to film up their skirts.

Never mind them. Imagine what he must have been going through – all that hard work to angle the camera just right, because those bitches wouldn’t just show him what he wanted to peer at.

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