Are they though?


Are trans people really “one of the most marginalized minorities”? We’re certainly constantly told they are, but what are the criteria? Who is keeping track? Where are their findings?

Are they as marginalized as homeless people with mental health and/or drug and/or alcohol issues? Are they as marginalized as very poor people who are too poor to do the things it takes to get out of poverty? Are they as marginalized as refugees and immigrants who don’t speak the local language and have no local friends or relations? Are they as marginalized as abused women? Are they as marginalized as children of fanatically religious parents?

I could go on. There are a lot of very marginalized people in the world, and they’re marginalized for much more material and obvious and intractable reasons than a feeling that one is the sex that one’s body is not.

I wonder if it’s not so much that they’re marginalized as it is that they are setting themselves up for a drastically limited pool of sexual and romantic partners, to say nothing of the complications if they want to have children. I can easily nod in agreement if the Owen Joneses say trans people have trouble finding a love interest, but I don’t nod in agreement that that’s being “marginalized.” Becoming a niche item, sexually speaking, just goes with the territory if you’re trans. That’s one reason it’s not an unmistakably brilliant idea to tell all kids who even pick up a toy meant for “the other gender” that they’re trans.

Meanwhile spare a thought for farm workers. Now they’re marginalized six ways from Sunday, I tell you what.

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