Over Sarah Palin’s dead body

The “you can’t tell me what to do!!” party continues to embrace death by suffocation.

Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor and vice-presidential candidate, used the same week that the US passed 800,000 Covid-19 deaths to tell a rightwing gathering she would add to that toll herself before she would agree to be given a vaccine.

“It’ll be over my dead body that I’ll have to get a shot,” Palin told a cheering crowd. “I will not do that. I won’t do it, and they better not touch my kids either.”

Awesome! So brave, so defiant, so protective of her kids’ right to die instead of getting vaccinated.

Palin, who tested positive for Covid in March, was speaking at AmericaFest 2021 in Phoenix, Arizona, an event hosted by the conservative student organization Turning Point USA which attracted other staunch vaccine opponents including Tucker Carlson of Fox News and extremist Republicans Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene.

I wonder if it’s occurred to them that they’re promoting “don’t take steps to avoid COVID” while the other party is promoting “do take steps to avoid COVID” and that thus they are encouraging their own voters to get sick and die. You’d think the effect on elections would slow them down if nothing else did.

Really though I just marvel at the stupidity. What’s the principle they’re defending? That government should do nothing to prevent the spread of a lethal virus? What kind of principle is that?

Is it the principle that no one should ever do anything for the common good, even when it’s their own good too? But what kind of principle is that? Why is this a Republican thing as opposed to a stupid confused people thing? I’ll never understand it.

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