The flatlands summit

It’s impossible not to laugh. Anti-vax doctors get together for a jamboree, get Covid.

Seven anti-vaccine doctors fell sick after gathering earlier this month for a Florida “summit” at which alternative treatments for Covid-19 were discussed.

“I have been on ivermectin for 16 months, my wife and I,” Dr Bruce Boros told the audience at the event held at the World Equestrian Center in Ocala, adding: “I have never felt healthier in my life.”

This “alternative” label is interesting. Alternative to what? To the normal, reliable ways of determining which medications prevent or treat and which don’t. What an odd thing to seek an alternative for. Should we have alternative parachutes, the kind that don’t open? Alternative seat belts, the kind that let you smash into the windshield? Alternative fire departments, the kind that don’t show up when your house goes up in flames?

The 71-year-old cardiologist and staunch anti-vaccine advocate contracted Covid-19 two days later, according to the head event organizer, Dr John Littell.

“Staunch” is another word that is only as good as it is. Being staunchly stupid and dangerous is not all that praiseworthy. “Obstinate” would be a better fit.

Littell, an Ocala family physician, also told the Daily Beast six other doctors among 800 to 900 participants at the event also tested positive or developed Covid-19 symptoms “within days of the conference”.

Littell raised the suggestion the conference was therefore a super-spreader event but rejected it, vehemently saying: “No.

“I think they had gotten it from New York or Michigan or wherever they were from,” he told the Beast. “It was really the people who flew in from other places.”

Ah yes, New York or Michigan – you know, where all the [whispers] black people are.

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