Policing the timeline

BLOCK EVERYONE. Just to be on the safe side.

Dominic Berry is (according to his profile) a historian and philosopher of science.

Yeesh. He cares so much that he goes to the trouble of figuring out how many of his followers also follow Nigel, and he then tries to use that knowledge as a cudgel to convince them to stop following Nigel. I in that situation would of course stop following the dictatorial intrusive cudgel-waver instead. I would first tell him off for being so intrusive and dictatorial.

And this goon is a philosopher.

Ah good, they’re doing that very thing.

“You must choose! You must choose between following Warburton or following me!”

“Ok bud, that’s an easy one.”

Updating to add:

Hilarious. On the one hand stop following Warburton this instant, and I know who you are so don’t think you can escape, and oh also please tell me what he says about me kthxbye.

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