Serial baby killer identifies as a woman

Mm. Progressive.

More on “Jessica Marie” Hann from March 2019:

Desert Hot Springs, California. Jason Michael Hann was convicted of senselessly murdering his infant daughter and son, and abandoning their bodies in storage units. At the time of his arrest, he was found to be subjecting a third infant, his son, to life-threatening harm. Now on death row, the 45-year-old serial baby killer says he identifies as a woman, and is demanding that the state of California approve him for gender-affirming surgery to supplement the bras, makeup and hair-styling tools he is permitted to use.

In 1999, Mr Hann was living in Vermont with Krissy Lynn Werntz, the mother of his children, when he beat their infant son, two-month-old Jason, to death. Two years later, he killed the couple’s daughter, ten-month-old Montana, with a blow to the head while the family was residing in California.

The murders were discovered in 2002, a year after the murder of his daughter. Mr Hann had quit paying rent on a storage trailer in Arkansas in which he had stashed Montana’s small body. When the contents of the unit were auctioned off, the auction winner discovered the child’s remains, which were wrapped in plastic and duct tape and enclosed in a Tupperware-like storage container.

I guess that’s what you do when you kill your baby? A two month old baby doesn’t take up much space, so a plastic refrigerator box will be just fine. It’s a good idea to keep paying the storage fee though.

When law enforcement went to arrest the couple, who were now living in a motel in Portland, Maine, they discovered that Mr Hann and Ms Werntz had a one-month-old son who was already showing serious signs of abuse, including a dozen broken ribs, retinal hemorrhaging, bleeding under the skin and internal injuries.

A day after the couple’s arrest, authorities discovered Jason’s plastic-wrapped body in a storage unit in Lake Havasu, Arizona.

Whatever. Anyway, he’s a laydee now, so he gets to make a laydee do his strip searches. You can’t expect him to let a man do it can you?!

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