Shooting the messenger

Even with Trump gone, they still flop around in the sewer.

Dr Anthony Fauci, chief medical advisor to US president Joe Biden, has been labelled a “snivelling little twit” by a Republican congressman. Matt Gaetz, who represents Florida, made the remarks during an America First rally in Iowa on Thursday. During his speech, Gaetz told the crowd. “Speaking of government bureaucrats, I have heard enough of that snivelling little twit, Dr Anthony Fauci.”

Gaetz is the latest Republican to take aim at Fauci, after Representative Madison Cawthorn said last month that the doctor would be ‘prosecuted’ if the GOP takes control of the House in the midterms next year.

Because…? He’s doing his best to deal with a viral pandemic. How is that a reason to call him names and threaten to prosecute him?

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