Texas is a mistake

The Texas “no people like you can’t vote” bill has been blocked for now, because the Democrats walked out. The Gov is mad.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says he intends to withhold paychecks to state lawmakers after House Democrats staged a walkout to block voting restrictions proposed by their Republican counterparts.

I wonder if he has that power. It’s not as if he sits up there every Friday handing them their checks.

A large group of Democrats walked out of the House chamber in Austin late Sunday, so there was no quorum and that prevented a final vote on the proposal, Senate Bill 7. The bill, which had appeared poised for passage, would cut back polling hours, reduce access to mail-in voting, and give more authority to partisan poll-watchers.

And it would allow an election to be overturned even without any finding of fraud. Just “because we want to,” basically.

Voting rights advocates say those and other provisions of the bill would make voting more difficult in Texas, and would disproportionately burden people of color. There’s been no evidence of significant voter fraud in Texas or elsewhere.

Oh picky picky picky. If there were no voter fraud how would any Democrats get elected? Everybody knows that Republicans are perfected and Democrats are communist socialist antifaist rabble.

The fight in the Texas Legislature comes as Republican state lawmakers across the country work to pass legislation they say is designed to crack down on voter fraud, but which would have the effect of making voting more difficult in many communities.

I’m not NPR, so I’m free to spell it out. Republican state lawmakers across the country are doing everything they can think of to make voting more difficult, because added difficulty always affects poor people more than rich people, and they want laws and policies that are good for rich people, not poor people. This isn’t subtle.

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