The dangers

Oh did they indeed.

What’s SRC? Student Representative Council. Apparently a misogynist racist Student Representative Council.

Who is the simpering “Anastacia” Tomson?

Mister Catchme-fuckme shoes, that’s who. The kind of pretend woman who thinks crippling “sexy” footbinding shoes are a metonymy for women.

News 24 reported last week:

The University of Cape Town’s (UCT) Student Representative Council (SRC) wants an open lecture by writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie cancelled, accusing her of transphobia.  

“As an institution which actively promotes intersectional feminism through its curriculum, it is important for us to recognise that Ngozi Adichie enhanced the divide in the feminist community with her anti-trans remarks, instead of using her platform and influence to highlight how trans women also have a right to simply be recognised as who they are without having to defend their womanhood,” the SRC tweeted.

Instead of using her talent and recognition to highlight how men who pretend to be women have a right to be recognised as who they are not without having to defend their fictional “womanhood.”

It’s always interesting how this shite overrides the usual requirements of “intersectionality” – so much so that they not only treat women as the privileged class but even a black woman, which would ordinarily be unthinkable.

I wonder what they’ll be thinking of themselves in 20 years, with the mortgage and the kids needing orthodontia…if they’re not too busy struggling to survive in a heating climate.

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