The Great Mask Wars

The glorious cause – refusing to wear masks during a pandemic. Our ancestors died for the cause! Salute the flag! Allons enfants de la patrie! Etc.

A group of House Republicans revolted over their chamber’s mask rules on Tuesday, the latest sign of tensions boiling over as Congress wrestles with how and when to return to pre-pandemic routines.

Around a dozen Republicans refused to wear masks during the evening vote series and strategically stood at the well of the chamber, which appears on the C-SPAN cameras, and seemed to encourage other members to join in.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) snapped a selfie with a few other maskless members and posted it to social media. Taking pictures on the House floor is against longstanding rules due to security concerns.

Well that’s MJT for ya – rules are for other people, mostly Democrats.

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.), who was standing nearby, could also be heard shouting to another member in jest: I can’t “hear” you with your mask on. Massie was one of the lawmakers who helped organize the protest, sources said.

He composed ever such a witty tweet about it.

Very grown-up and professional and sensible.

The CDC says it’s ok to do without masks indoors if everyone is vaccinated, so why is Pelosi being such a poopy-head about it? Because not everyone is vaccinated, or at least known to be vaccinated. The Rs are being cute.

Pelosi and Democrats have said lawmakers could resume normal life more quickly if more of their Republican colleagues got vaccinated.Democrats say they feel uncomfortable being in closed-door settings without facial coverings until they know more GOP lawmakers have gotten the shot.

Roughly 75 percent of the House has been vaccinated, according to estimates from the Capitol physician that McCarthy has cited. All 219 Democrats reported to CNN that they’re vaccinated, but only 95 out of 212 Republicans reported being vaccinated, while 112 did not respond to the survey.

There’s nothing particularly “left” about getting vaccinated or “right” about refusing to get vaccinated. This nonsense is just Conflict Theater, aka the Republicans being childish tools like their hero the Queens Bloviator.

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