The officer said complaints had been received

A couple of months ago:

A retired teacher said it was “ridiculous” that a smoothie company had unfollowed her on Twitter amid accusations of transphobia. Innocent Drinks unfollowed Margaret Nelson, 76, from Hadleigh, Suffolk, after another Twitter user suggested it should not be “endorsing her”.

The firm acknowledged the move had made “some people on Twitter quite cross”. But it said Ms Nelson’s Twitter content was not in line with its “values of inclusivity and respect”.

It’s not the unfollowing that’s ridiculous, it’s the making a public display of it. I suspect that’s what Maggie said or meant, and the BBC muddled it in a pretty typical way – the same way it always ascribes “offense” to people whether they’ve actually used that word for themselves or not.

Ms Nelson, who has also been a humanist celebrant, said she did not accept she was transphobic, adding it was “a meaningless term used to describe anyone critical of the claims made by some transgender people”.

She attracted publicity two years ago when a police officer asked her to tone down some of her tweets, which he said were causing offence.

There it is again! Attributing blame to people targeted by a Twitter mob. She didn’t “attract” publicity, publicity happened to her. The Beeb just refuses to report this stuff honestly.

The officer said complaints had been received about some of her posts, such as “Gender’s fashionable nonsense. Sex is real.” He highlighted a blog in which she said “trans women are not women, no matter how many times you say it’s so”.

The officer bullied her for saying two true things.

The Suffolk cops later said sorry, it was a mistake.

Ms Nelson said she was one of a number of people who were “stalked by trans activists”, who did not like her “defending the rights of women”. She said she had not been aware Innocent was following her @Flashmaggie account and found the situation “amusing more than anything”.

See this is why I think the Beeb muddled the first sentence – I really don’t think she told them she thought it ridiculous that anyone unfollowed her, because that would be so silly and she’s the opposite of silly. I think she answered a catch-all question like “What do you think of the fuss about your tweets?” and they back-translated what she said as being about The Unfollow.

Maybe they simply asked her about the inane tweet itself.

That’s ridiculous all right!

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