The one thing we do not debate

The Times quotes Stonewall:

A Stonewall spokesperson said: “It is not true that Stonewall looks to shut down debate. Meaningful, constructive debate and discussion around complex policy ideas are at the heart of what we do as a charity. The one thing we do not debate is whether trans people exist. They do, and what we need to discuss is how to make a world where all LGBTQ+ are free to be themselves.”

Even if it’s true that Stonewall doesn’t look to shut down debate, it sure as hell does muddy it. That spokesperson spokement is some very wet sloppy mud.

Nobody is saying “trans people don’t exist.” That’s not the issue at all. We all know there are plenty of people – who exist – who say they are trans. Of course we know that, we see them saying it every day. The issue is what that means, and whether or not it’s true, and what implications it has for everyone else.

We don’t dispute or “debate” that some people say they are trans. We dispute the claim that saying you are sex X or Y means you are that sex. We dispute the idea that declaration supersedes physical reality. We dispute the magic-like belief that words=a change of sex.

We also dispute the claim that it’s possible to change sex. We may agree that people can perform or “live as” the sex opposite their own, but we don’t agree that that makes them the sex opposite their own in every sense, and that not believing that claim is the height of evil and violence.

But of course Stonewall doesn’t want to put it that way, because then the fantasy becomes all too obvious. It has to pretend that we’re skeptical of existence as opposed to attributes. It’s all a big tedious lie.

As for “a world where all LGBTQ+ are free to be themselves” – the whole point is that they want to be not-themselves – they want to be other people’s selves. They want to pretend to be the sex of other people and to force everyone to endorse their fiction. That’s not a reasonable demand. We get to debate the fuck out of it.

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