Stonewall said

The Telegraph on Stephen Nolan and Stonewall and the BBC.

Stonewall said it works for LGBTQ+ equality and that it is “deeply disappointing” that this can still be thought of as controversial.

“Equality” is just a manipulative buzzword there, in exactly the way “trans rights” are a manipulative slogan. What is “trans equality” exactly? What Stonewall campaigns for, and tells people to do if they want to be “Stonewall champions,” is a mess of pandering and flattering, that has nothing to do with equality. It’s not “equality” to order people to use Special pronouns, or agree that men are women, or nod enthusiastically at the claim that children know who they are. Gender critical feminist are not arguing against equality for trans people, either. It’s all deception. The push to bully us into agreeing that people can change sex is a million miles from equality.

Stephen Nolan, one of the broadcaster’s own journalists, has now spoken out, claiming that “there is a fear factor” among colleagues who disagree with the broadcaster’s alignment with the charity.

Of course there is. The trans ideologues are fanatics, and vindictive with it.

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