The ship turns very slowly

Suzanne Moore on that ruling:

What a huge amount of time, money and, for Maya Forstater, unimaginable anxiety it has taken to establish that she should not be sacked for believing simply that biology is real.

For knowing what we all knew until 5 minutes ago, when we received strict orders to stop believing it.

At a time when the scales are falling from people’s eyes about just how campaigners such as Stonewall operate, Fortstater’s win is cheering for all of us. I was never sacked for my gender critical beliefs but I was certainly made to feel that my workplace had become a hostile environment. How many people are labouring under the same pressure?

Approximately way too many.

For it is mostly women who are losing jobs and being abused if they do not accept extreme trans ideology. This week, after a two month “probe” by Abertay University, a Scottish law student called Lisa Keogh was finally cleared of “wrongdoing“ after saying that “women have vaginas”. Her classmates reported this as an offensive comment. Marion Millar, another gender-critical feminist, was recently arrested and charged by police in Scotland for her tweets.

And a judge forced Maria MacLachlan to call the man who punched her at Speakers’ Corner “she.”

The road back is long and twisty.

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