To address students by their pronouns

A school board meeting in Loudoun County Virginia got so rowdy that the cops had to break it up.

Many of the speakers were there to express support or opposition for a draft school policy that would require teachers to address transgender students by their names and pronouns, as well as grant transgender students access to facilities and activities that match their gender identity. Loudoun is pursuing the policy in accordance with a recently passed state law requiring school systems to revise their treatment of transgender students.

Well, the trouble with that is, by “revising” their treatment of transgender students that way they will be mistreating other students, especially the female ones. If boys who claim to be trans girls can use the girls’ toilets and changing rooms, that’s an intrusion on the girls’ rights.

Late in the evening, after the school board finished its work, chair Sheridan gave a short speech, saying she could not let the “disruption that occurred in our board room tonight go unaddressed.”

Sheridan noted that June is LGBTQ Pride Month. She promised that the Loudoun school board will continue to protect the rights of LGBTQ students. She said efforts to convert the county to “a political battleground” — rather than a place of learning — will ultimately fail.

There again – what about the L? what about the rights of L students? They may not want to be forced to pretend that boys who identify as lesbians really are lesbians.

Just talking about LGBTQ as if they all had the same needs and rights and wants isn’t going to work any more.

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