To make their workers feel more inclusive

Ah yes supermarkets, those hubs of progressive enlightenment. Pronouns are on sale this week.

A Sainsbury’s supermarket in Edinburgh has introduced pronoun name badges for staff to avoid misgendering staff members.

Meaning…so that staff won’t “misgender” colleagues? Or so that everyone, including customers, will avoid doing that murderous thing? The wording is clumsily ambiguous.

Workers at the Murrayfield supermarket have been wearing tags that declare their preferred gender pronouns, such as she/her or they/them.

Managers and cis colleagues have also been adding their pronouns to their badges to show solidarity to the LGBTQ+ community.

Cis colleagues? What does that mean? Are there trans colleagues there too? People who identify as Sainsbury’s staff but don’t actually get paid?

I think somebody should start a custom of wearing badges that declare one’s favorite adjectives. Adjectives are way more interesting than pronouns. Pronouns are just the dull functional undergirding, adjectives are where the fun starts. I’ll start the betting with “intransigent.”

It comes as Asda announced a similar move to make their workers feel more inclusive by introducing pronoun badges for staff to help avoid the “distress” of misgendering colleagues.

Nonsense, the “distress” is the whole point. Bespoke pronouns are there to trap people and provide occasions for displays of righteous correctitude.

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