Trans Canada pipeline


If trans women are women then what does “trans” mean?

“Trans” isn’t a word like tall or young or clever or Irish or working or famous. It’s not purely descriptive, purely an add-on that doesn’t change what the noun means. “Trans” does change what the noun means…it changes it to mean “not literally” but we’re supposed to pretend it doesn’t.

“Trans” means not really or pretend or make-believe or fake. We’re supposed to pretend it names a spooky magical process by which some men (but far more than we used to think, lots and lots and lots more) are actually women underneath the alien shell of maleitude, but the reality is that the shell of maleitude aka the male body is what makes a man a man. We are our bodies and our bodies are us. I can’t have the body of a blue whale and neither can anyone else. I can call myself a trans whale all I like, but doing so doesn’t magically transform me into a blue whale in everything but mere physical reality.

Blue Whales Croon A New Tune : NPR

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