Upton Rugby Club in skirts

Worcester News:

A GROUP of men who dress in women’s clothing to raise money claim they have been told their fundraising is potentially offensive by charity bosses.

I bet I know which set of people they were told it’s potentially offensive to, and I bet it’s not women. It’s been seen as perfectly fine for centuries, whether women saw it as offensive or not, but now…well there are more important people who might find it offensive. Women, you see, aren’t important. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.

Members and supporters of Upton Rugby Club have dressed in drag for the Leo Sayer All Dayer, and also held other fundraisers for 18 years, to raise more than £40,000 for St Richard’s Hospice.

But times have changed, amirite?

But the group claim they have been told their latest efforts cannot by promoted by the hospice because it might offend the LGBT community.

June Patel, St Richard’s chief executive, said they appreciated the group’s fundraising but were “striving to be mindful of equality, diversity and inclusion.”

When it comes to men, that is. Obviously not women.

The group on Leo Sayer All Dayer outside the Upton shop where they buy their women's clothes

I think they look ever so nice, I do reely.

Also, seriously? This is stupid. They’re now looking for fundraise for a different organization.

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