Victory lap

What a loathsome prick.

He wrote the Pink News story. The title is as stupid as his tweet.

Anti-trans professor Kathleen Stock quits Sussex university in ‘massive win for LGBT+ students’

She’s not “anti-trans.” How is it a win for L students to bully an L professor out? How is it a win for LGB students to bully an L professor out? How is the win “massive”? More likely James Barry is right that Sussex University has sustained a damaging injury.

Sadistic Vic Parsons gloats.

LGBT+ students at the University of Sussex have welcomed news that professor Kathleen Stock is to leave the institution.

Yeah sure lesbian students are thrilled to see a lesbian professor bullied until she can’t stand to be there any more.

She has also argued that self-ID “threatens a secure understanding of the concept ‘lesbian’”, rooting her rhetoric in a belief of immutable biological sex.

Stupid little toad. It’s not “rhetoric,” it’s argument; she’s a philosopher. Vic Parsons, by the way, is not. And guess what, sex is immutable, it’s gender that’s not.

Vic Parsons should change his gender to stupid misogynist flea.

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