Warning: they die at the end

Chapter 572 of the Infantilization Chronicles:

Romeo and Juliet audiences have been given an entire page of warnings about suicide, fake blood and stage fighting for a new prodution at Shakespeare’s Globe.

Oh gosh, really? Suicide? Fighting? I had no idea, I thought it was about a couple of kittens who find a ball of yarn and hilarity ensues.

The double suicide of the star-crossed lovers has been deemed a mental health issue in a guide reminding viewers that the actors playing Romeo and Juliet do not really die at the end of the play.

They don’t??? Who knew?

This “sensitivity” is all the more bizarre given the movies and tv shows and video games everyone is steeped in. I could see Cousin Joe from deep in the country who’s never seen a play or a tv show or a movie and has never read a book and never talked to any humans needing to be told that the actors aren’t really dead, but other than that…

More seriously…I think people who are so fragile that they can’t deal with onstage violence probably don’t go to the theater. I also don’t think this is a left-right thing particularly, it’s more a…what…therapy culture versus get a grip culture. There’s a kind of cult of fragility going on, which we’re all too familiar with in relation to the people who keep yelling that trans people are the most oppressed ever. Encouraging people to think they’re so weak and excitable that they think stage murder is real is not doing them a favor. Most people are not made of crystal and don’t shatter at a touch.

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