Guest post: Take Trump being elected as a warning

Originally a comment by Bruce Gorton on A declaration of ignorance and policy insanity.

It is one of the things I keep saying: We in Africa need to take Trump being elected as a warning that we cannot rely upon the West.

We need to boost our funding for the sciences, boost our spending on developing our own economies, and cut all reliance on American goods and services, because America is fundamentally headed by a madman.

The American market is always talked up as if servicing American demand is this path to wealth, yet it is remarkably rare when an outside player can actually make any headway in it. The demand economy just isn’t there anymore, it is all advertising.

American instability hasn’t historically been good for the rest of us, and what we’re seeing now is a big enough warning that it is coming sooner rather than later. We need to get ready, because I don’t think you in America really can right this ship.

Part of your problem isn’t really Russia – it is the same crisis that we in South Africa faced with Bell Pottinger. As Trump comes more and more under the thumb of oligarchs you can expect more and more hate online – it isn’t the “alt right” – it is PR companies which will be getting paid to shield your states’ corrupt actors.

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