Weird book promotion scheme

Rafia Zakaria apparently deleted the stupidest of her tweets from yesterday attacking Joan Smith for her review of Zakaria’s book on “white feminism.” Or most of them, but not quite all.

She doesn’t really care what the review says, which is why she composed all those childish “nyah nyah Karen na na Boomer” about them.

I’ll grant her one point: she didn’t care enough to find out who Joan Smith is.


So Zakaria knows Joan Smith is a woman long enough to call her a Karen, but not long enough to refrain from calling her “they.”

Yay feminism. Feminism is for everyone except terfs, boomers, Karens, white women, and women who write unflattering reviews of Rafia Zakaria’s book.

“And likely all her entitled and racist views”? Name one. Document it. Show us your work.

No, that’s incorrect. It could just be that Zakaria’s book is not a good book – and judging by her tweets it’s hard to see how it could be much good. Her thinking is crude at best.

Yes I think I’ll just skip reading Lol White Feminism Lol.

Updating to add one that I missed:

At what age does Rafia Zakaria think women should be put to death? 70? 65? 55? At what age, exactly, are we too old to be useful and too repellent to be allowed to continue cluttering up the place?

Is she aware that, barring accident, she will reach that fatal age herself in due course?

Update 2:

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