Based on personal beliefs? Never!

Ah well who would know better than Amy Coney Barrett?

Claiming the supreme court “is not comprised of a bunch of partisan hacks”, Amy Coney Barrett told an audience at a Kentucky center named for the Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell that “judicial philosophies are not the same as political parties”.

For sure, and she was not nominated and approved for the court by partisan hacks from a political party but by disinterested legal experts like for instance Mitch McConnell. Yup yup yup yup.

Speaking alongside McConnell a little more than a week after she and four other conservatives on the court declined to block a Texas law which all but outlaws abortion in the state, the devout Catholic also insisted the panel does not judge cases based on personal beliefs.

Right, except that they do.

Barrett’s remarks met with widespread skepticism.

Gee I can’t think why.

Sheldon Whitehouse, a Democratic senator from Rhode Island, wrote: “Not ‘partisan hacks’? Then explain 80-0 partisan 5-4 record for big donors. And explain judicially conservative principles rolled over to get those wins for donors who put you on the court.”

She can’t, she’s looking at a squirrel.

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