What legal rights

I asked OJ what he meant an hour or two ago. It’s a futile exercise, because he has too many followers to answer questions, but I did it anyway.

OJ and people like OJ want to insist (and do insist) that it’s about bad women wanting to “abolish” the legal rights of trans people, while feminist women counter-insist that we’re seeking to protect our rights, and that some claimed “rights” of trans people are not actually rights.

As far as I can tell the issue is that [some] trans people want it to be a “right” to be accepted as, even “validated” as, whatever sex one says one is, regardless of any actual fact of the matter, while women want to continue to have the right to get away from men in some circumstances, and to have promotions and scholarships and prizes and jobs and sporting competitions intended for women that go to women and not to trans women. The issue is that [some] trans people consider their “validation” more important than women’s rights to privacy and safety and promotions, scholarships and the rest. The issue is that women see this as insultingly indifferent to women’s real needs. The issue is that we’re fucking tired of seeing the gains we’ve made over the past 50 years grabbed back.

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