Listen to da yoof

Cutting edge political analysis.

So…it’s the young who get everything right, and the middle-aged and older who are the smug comfortable clueless Wrong people who stifle all the youthful rightness and ruin everything.

I wonder if OJ can see a downside to that way of looking at it. What downside? The fact that if that’s true then we might as well all give up, because nothing can ever improve. Why? Because young people become middle-aged people (OJ himself is middle-aged). Those young people who are so shiningly Right about everything now will be older and Wrong about everything tomorrow. It’s just a constant churn that never gets anywhere.

That could be true, of course, and we know of some ways in which it is true. The most glaring way is the failure to stop killing the planet, which can be seen as a shockingly callous indifference to younger people. But it doesn’t actually follow that young people can See the Truth of everything while everyone else is blind to it. OJ’s take is glib and hackneyed, which is pretty typical for him. (It’s probably because he’s so old.)

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