White man accuses woman of white privilege

Trans woman Dawn Ennis bullies a young female athlete on Twitter, because that’s what trans activism is all about, right?

How would Dawn Ennis know that? Even if we buy into the claim that men can become women by saying so, how can we or Dawn Ennis or anyone know that any particular men really mean it as opposed to doing it to gain an advantage? At any rate all his fact claims are stupid. Who says “those are the proper, non-bigoted terms”? People who have bought into the bullshit, that’s who. Women are women and men are not women. It’s not “bigoted” to say that.

Interesting reversal. It’s the woman who’s being unfair, the woman who is trying to win at the expense of others – not the two men who claim to be girls and then race against girls. You coulda fooled me.

All women, including those like me, who are men.

Horrible man. Horrible horrible bullying bully of a man.

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