Women are supposed to cave in

Julie Bindel underlines that the bullying of Kathleen Stock is intended as a warning to all of us.

Claims that Stock is a ‘transphobe’ are not only unfounded but wilfully misguided. Stock is being punished not for her views on transgender issues, but for standing her ground in the face of persistent and sadistic bullying over sex-based rights, and a belief in the immutability of biology.

In other words she was supposed to take it all back, and she refused, so she had to be made an example.

Women are supposed to cave in. Patriarchy works not by all men holding a gun to the heads of all women, but by public displays of male power, such as the treatment of Stock over the past three years. What has happened to her and others in the public eye is so terrible it serves as a lesson to others. For every Kathleen Stock there are hundreds, or even thousands of women, that will be terrified to raise their heads above the parapet on trans issues.

And then there are the students.

I hear from countless young women who tell me they want to be taught about feminism in university, and all they get is an endless sop of ‘sex work is work’ and ‘trans women are women’.

The Greta Christina version of feminism – not feminism at all but neo-liberal individualistic choosy-choice horseshit.

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