You must be a woman (some restrictions apply)

Scottish Women’s Aid is recruiting:

Do you want to get involved in making Scotland a happier, safer place for young women? Are you interested in learning more about feminist research? Would you like to a shape an exciting national digital campaign? If yes, this advisory panel opportunity is for you!

We want to understand where young women and girls look for support and advice when they are faced with abuse from someone they are in an intimate relationship with, and how Women’s Aid can help them in that situation.

And by “abuse from someone they are in an intimate relationship with” they mostly mean someone male. Lesbians can be abusive too, of course, but the power dynamics are different, plus there are more straight young women and girls than there are lesbians. Mostly the abuser is going to be male.

So, next paragraph –

Who can apply: You must be a woman (cisgender, transwoman, gender non-binary or gender non-fluid person) between the ages of 16 and 25. We would particularly love to hear from young BAME women, young LGBTQI women, disabled young women, young women living in rural areas, and young women from other minoritised groups.

You must be a woman (a woman, a man, perhaps a man or perhaps a man). In other words when we say you must be a woman we’re only joking, because you can be a man who identifies as a woman or you can be “non-binary” or “gender fluid.” Your options are many. If you’re a man abusing a woman you’re in a relationship with, just say you’re a trans woman and apply to be on our advisory panel and maybe you will get to shape our policy on violence against women and girls.

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