A larger spectrum

Stupidity on the rampage:

Nearly two dozen graduate students at the University of Southern Maine are demanding their education professor be replaced after the professor allegedly said only two biological sexes exist.

“Allegedly.” The professor allegedly said humans don’t have wings.

The students said professor Christy Hammer’s remarks were inaccurate and transphobic.

The students were wrong.

All but one of them walked out, they demanded a “restorative justice” meeting (as if she’d committed an injustice), they got their wish but she refused to lie for them.

Biologists believe there is a larger spectrum to sex than just the male-female binary.

No they don’t. The link is to that SciAm article that SciAm should never have published.

University officials have yet to make a decision on the request, but students say they don’t want to return to class until they get a new instructor.

Waaa. Waaaaaaa. Don’t WANNA go back to class. Wanna new instructor!! One that will lie to us!!!!

“I want her to do some diversity training at least — or just retire,” said student Elizabeth Leibiger, who plans to become a high school English teacher.

And teach high school students that it’s inaccurate and transphobic to say there are two sexes.

One student wasn’t in class that day, a “non-binary” student who “uses the pronoun they.” “They” learned about the crime from other students.

When Leibiger arrived for the next class, on Sept. 14, they immediately brought up the discussion again.

“I asked [Hammer] how many sexes there were,” Leibiger said. “She said, ‘Two.’ I felt under personal attack.”

There’s the narcissism right there. Reality is a personal attack. Naming reality is a personal attack. Not participating in the fantasy is a personal attack. Meanwhile, what the stalinist students are doing to the professor is of course not a personal attack at all, it’s restorative justice.

Leibiger then gathered their things and walked out of class because they no longer felt respected.

Leibiger then gathered their things and walked out of class because they spotted an opportunity for extra attention.

“I let her know I didn’t think she was qualified to teach a class about positive learning environments,” Leibiger said. “It’s the ultimate irony.”

Back atcha, punk.

So they all got together in the hall and decided to demand “a facilitated restorative justice meeting with their professor and the single student who agreed with her.” How dare that student agree with her! There are at least 87 sexes, it’s been proven!

“We thought she was just speaking from a place of ignorance, not hate,” Leibiger said.

While also of course thinking they the students were speaking from a place of complete and perfect knowledge, not social contagion and tragic gullibility.

The meeting took place Wednesday, and the sole student who had disagreed reportedly apologized to classmates. But Hammer maintained her position on the binary nature of sex.

“I went in very optimistic, but at the end of the three hour session it felt like we weren’t listened to,” said Lombardi, who plans to teach high school science.

Three fucking hours of being harangued by a pack of delusional fad-embracing Young Adults. Imagine the tedium of it.

Lombardi said he wasn’t sure if he and his classmates would show up to the next scheduled class on Oct. 5 if university administrators didn’t agree to replace Hammer. But he’s hoping it will happen.

“Knowing in my heart, as a teacher, that I always want to have my ears open to what my students are saying, and then not have that reciprocated — it was very frustrating,” Lombardi said.

Yes so frustrating to be unable to bully their professor into teaching a stupid lie. I hope the university tells them to go swim across the Atlantic.

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