A simple message

Pink News rejoices that more people are spitting venom at radical feminist women.

New Queer as Folk is a big ‘fuck you’ to transphobes and a beautiful story of trans love, stars say

Aw iddn that sweet.

Queer as Folk stars Jesse James Keitel and CG have a simple message to people who don’t think trans people should exist: “Fuck you.”

Except of course that’s not what we think. It’s not about existing, it’s about claims about what one is. It’s about self-description. It’s about the new and worthless doctrine that people can change their sex, and not only that but they can do it just by saying the words. Existence isn’t the same as self-description. Exist away, exist your socks off, but if you start up a new ideology that says you’re a Dilophosaurus then we get to say your ideology is stupid and wrong. Bonus: you still exist.

Two decades ago, Queer as Folk came along and changed the game for gay representation on television – but today, it’s glaringly obvious that it didn’t represent the breadth and depth of the LGBTQ+ experience.

In other words we hadn’t yet smeared trans all over everything but now we know better.

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