Positioning and wading

The shamelessness of Pink News part 2:

The controversy comes after a turbulent few years for JK Rowling, who has repeatedly positioned herself at the centre of the UK’s toxic debate surrounding trans lives.

Just look at that – from Pink News! She hasn’t “positioned herself” anywhere, she has said what she thinks, as has Pink News. She’s allowed to say what she thinks. Pink News never shuts up about it, so why should she? Why should we? We have rights too, we even have lives. The toxic debate isn’t surrounding or encircling or about “trans lives” anyway, it’s about the claims of the new and ever-expanding trans ideology, especially where the claims conflict with the rights of women (and the futures of adolescents and children).

The writer waded into the so-called “culture war” in 2019 when she stated her support for Maya Forstater, who has fought to have “gender critical” views protected under the Equality Act.

She didn’t “wade into” anything; she said what she thinks. Who the hell is Pink News to accuse other people of positioning themselves at the center of or wading into a controversy that affects everyone? We are allowed to say things.

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