A welcoming place for all people

A local outlet reports on the Port Townsend protest:

As the City Council read a proclamation affirming the city as a welcoming place for all people, including transgender people on Monday night, the streets outside City Hall were full of people, the majority carrying pride flags or signs declaring support for transgender people.

Blah blah. The issue isn’t “welcoming,” especially not at the city level. No one is saying trans people are not welcome in Port Townsend. The issue is men in women’s locker rooms. Men should not be welcome in women’s locker rooms, because women don’t want to take their clothes off around random men they don’t know. It’s pretty simple.

Small scuffles broke out between protest groups and police arrested at least one person as some pro-trans activists confronted a counter-protest held at John Pope Marine Park across the street.

The woman at the center of the controversy, Julie Jaman, was joined by local activist Amy Sousa, who organized a protest against the council’s proclamation, saying the city was ignoring the concerns of women in the community.

Jaman was banned from the local pool for violating the facility’s code of conduct after a confrontation with a transgender employee in the women’s locker room.

Jaman previously told Peninsula Daily News she was showering when she heard what she described as a man’s voice and looked to see a transgender woman in a bathing suit with two young girls.

She confronted the person — an employee who was escorting summer camp attendees to the bathroom according to policy — and was quickly banned from swimming at the pool she said she’s used for more than 30 years.

What do they mean “according to policy”? There’s a policy that says men who identify as women have to escort young girls to the women’s locker room? If so, why is there such a policy?

The reporter gives the last word to Team Men In Women’s Locker Rooms, of course.

Another resident, Candace Young, had a different take on the protests.

“That group of people who are supporting (Jaman) are just bigots trying to push through their religious philosophy on other people and I’m frankly glad they were shouted down because it all comes down to bigotry,” Young said.

Yes, it’s a religious philosophy that women prefer not to take their clothes off in front of men they don’t know.

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