About nine genders

Hmm. Nine genders? Are we drawing close to precision and clarity at last?

“About” nine. Interesting mix of precision and vagueness.

Starts here:

It was all going well at first, she says, but now there’s “the kind of debate, divisive debate that we have seen in the UK, America and Canada.” Sorry for being so divisive and all, but when people are divisiving women into subsets that include men, women can get a bit annoyed and stubborn-like.

“The state did not recognise the true people that they were living the lives of.”

Whose lives are you living the lives of? I’ve lost count of mine.

Ah no, other way around. “Gender identity” that differs from physical sex is indeed a “theory” (aka a fairy tale) as opposed to a reality. It’s a fiction, a fantasy, a fad, a mood, an emotion, a story. The emotion may be real but it doesn’t change the physical reality.

That’s so childish. Maybe you know in your heart and soul you’re a rabbit or Artemis or a planet or the cosmos or the Buddha or a field of tobacco, but even if you do, you can’t require anyone else to agree.

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