At a women’s shelter

But we were told this never happens.

A woman was allegedly raped by a sex offender at a women’s shelter in Ontario, Canada after the predator identified as transgender in order to gain access to the facility.

Shane Jacob Green, 25, was arrested on August 24 by Ontario Provincial Police (OPP). At the time, the OPP issued a notice stating Green had been charged with two counts of sexual assault, four counts of failing to comply with a probation order, and one count of failing to comply with a release order.

But new details have emerged through the Toronto Sun revealing that Green’s crimes occurred while he was staying in a women’s emergency shelter in Parry Sound.

He’d already spent 114 days in prison, for assaulting a woman in 2018. How convenient for him to be able to move into a women’s shelter for greater ease of access.

According to the Sun, Green, who is homeless, had approached the Parry Sound shelter on August 22 and declared he was a woman in order to get a place to stay. While in the home, Green had allegedly been making sexually inappropriate comments to staff and residents, his behavior culminating in a sexual assault that occurred just two days later. He was arrested on August 24, the day of the assault, and is currently at Parry Sound Jail awaiting trial.

You’d think staff at the shelter could and would have told him to get out when he started making those comments – or perhaps that’s against the law? Idenniny trumps behavior?

According to the Sun, Green was known for leveraging his knowledge of gender self-identification policies both with police and women’s resource centers. Green sometimes uses the name “Stephanie” when claiming to be transgender. Staff at the women’s shelter where the rape allegedly occurred may have been too afraid to turn Green away due to the risk of running afoul of Canada’s notoriously pro-trans human rights law.

All going according to plan.

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