Banged drums and chanted slogans

The Times also reported on the Cambridge debate on the right to offend:

Noisy protests were held outside a Cambridge Union debate as an academic abused for her views on gender told students they were terrified of causing offence.

Some kinds of offence. They’re not a bit worried about causing offence to feminist women.

Students angered by the presence of Professor Kathleen Stock banged drums and chanted slogans outside the chamber during the event, even though the philosophy professor was not speaking about transgender rights.

Never you mind what she was speaking about, she’s a contaminant. She could be speaking about lilacs and roses and she’d still be a contaminant.

One of the students due to speak in favour of the motion instead argued at length that Stock should not have been invited. Kass Caldicott from Trinity College said: “The environment for trans people in particular in the UK at present, is abhorrent and the hatred perpetuated by certain people in this room should be a damning indictment.”

What environment? From what I can tell the environment for trans people is downright obsequious.

Stock, who won the debate, said during her speech that she was not going to address personal accusations by previous speakers.

She said society had progressed because of the right to cause offence by overthrowing prevailing beliefs: “The right to offend is good, because every single moral improvement towards a just society has involved massive amounts of offence, and if we restrict offence, we effectively constrain the ways in which society can get more progressive.”

A lot of moral disimprovements towards a just society have also involved lots of offence – look at Trump! – but that’s a subject for another day, or at least another post.

Stock and Professor Arif Ahmed, a philosophy professor who also spoke at last night’s debate, were invited by Lara Brown, president of the union. Prof Ahmed said: “The opposition has spent a lot of time arguing against things that nobody defended and have made up some sort of fairytale castle which they then proceeded to demolish.”

And all the witches and goblins came running out and did a dance on the rubble.

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