Civil open dialogue

There’s a move to purge feminist women from the Green Party.

Sign the Women’s Declaration International declaration on sex-based rights for women and you may run the risk of being thrown out of the Green Party.

Green Feminists who are also members of the Green Party of England and Wales need to be aware of the late motion being brought by Ani Stafford-Townsend co-chair of the Green Party Women committee which is given below:

Late Motion: Developing an intersectional approach to diversity in the Green Party


GPEW accepts the damning results of the 25th January 2022 Council of Europe report “Combating rising hate against LGBTI people in Europe”. GPEW accepts that it has been subject to hard-line anti-trans activism for some time; issues cannot be tackled without understanding; and oppression of marginalised groups intersect.

Not including women though. Women aren’t marginalised.

They want a motion inserted into the record of policy statements.

The Green Party recognises the need for civil, open dialogue between party members on the topic of Trans Rights, in order to enable the party to make the most informed policy decisions possible.

And by “open” we mean “not including those bitches.”

The Green Party accepts that the “Gender Critical” movements in most UK political parties have been infiltrated by hard-line extremists, who advocate for the wholesale removal of virtually all trans rights as currently enshrined in the Equality Act 2010, and routinely share platforms with those who advocate for extremist positions such as the mass sterilization of trans people. These extremists have also been linked with attacks on women’s abortion rights, misinformation designed to provoke hatred towards trans people, and have benefitted from funding from the far-right.

Emphasis added. Have you ever seen anyone advocating that? I sure as hell haven’t.

The Green Party condemns hard-line anti-trans activists, including signatories of the “Women’s Declaration International”, which calls for the following:

A total ban on all trans women from entering any and all women’s spaces, including toilets, changing rooms, etc.

A ban on all internationally recommended trans healthcare of any kind on under 18s.

A ban on organisations that recognise Gender Identity (including policy that merely accepts the use of preferred pronouns) from having any involvement in children’s healthcare.

Legally protect the right to misgender trans women.

No, legally protect the right to call men “men.” Note also the failure to spell out what “trans healthcare” is. No feminists are advocating for trans people to be denied health care; the issue is drastic irreversible amputations or delays of puberty and the like. Items like that aren’t “health care” as commonly understood, and in the absence of the word “trans” would be seen as crimes against human rights.

Ban trans women from being legally recognised as mothers, and trans men form being legally recognised as fathers.

Ban scientific research into fertility treatment for trans women.

Ban all trans women from misogyny combating measures, such as all women shortlists, scholarships, etc.

That’s right. We want all-women shortlists and scholarships etc to be for women. It’s simple, and it’s not evil.

Ban all trans women and girls from women’s sports at all levels of competition, irrespective of the wishes of the organising sporting bodies.

Ban all trans women from women’s prisons.

Require all collected statistics to refer to trans women as male, and trans men as female.

Legally protect parents who seek to deny healthcare or therapy to transgender children.

There it is again. It’s not “healthcare.” I don’t think any feminist women want to deny therapy to trans children. We do think it should be competent though.

Conference instructs GPRC to suspend signatories of the WHRC/Women’s Declaration International.

Conference instructs GPEx to provide intersectional equalities & diversity training to elected members, internally & externally, and to local party officers, in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of how the challenges to the rights of all marginalised groups intersect.

Insert into the Code of Conduct:


Members should under no circumstances sign or have signed public declarations calling for the explicit removal of LGBTQIA+ rights, as enshrined in the Equality Act 2010 (under “gender Identity” and “sexual orientation”), in particular the WHRC declaration/Women’s Declaration International. Those members who do or have done so should be suspended from the party permanently.

Purge the witches.

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