Clarification needs clarification

Stonewall thinks two-year-olds can be trans.

Ok let’s read their statement.

On Friday we put out a tweet that was unclear, relating to gender stereotypes and nursery age children, leading some supporters to ask us what we meant.

And others to say they’re dangerous loonies.

We were commenting on an article written by a parent reflecting on how their child was being cared for at nursery. The parent was worried that their child was being pressured to fit in with stereotypes about boys and girls. While we don’t actively work on nursery education, we believe that young children should be able to play, explore and learn about who they are, and the world around them, without having adults’ ideas imposed upon them.

Any adults’ ideas? How can they learn about the world around them without asking adults questions and listening to the answers? That’s an incredibly stupid thing for Stonewall to say, and tells me they’re not thinking at all, just shaking the box of slogans and tweeting whatever is on top.

But wait, it turns out they don’t mean that at all – at least, they immediately say the exact opposite.

We support existing provisions to ensure primary and secondary school pupils learn about LGBTQ+ identities in an age-appropriate and timely manner.

So they do need to have adults’ ideas imposed on them, provided those ideas are the ones approved by Stonewall, like for instance that a boy is a girl if he says he is.

This is vital for making sure that today’s children do not grow up living with the stigma of being LGBTQ+.

So they won’t grow up to be L or G or T? Stonewall must have meant something like “This is vital for making sure that today’s children grow up in a world where being LGBT is not stigmatized.” You’d think they’d know how to say that clearly after all this time.

For primary school aged children, this might mean, for example, learning that some children have two mummies, some have two daddies. It might mean not forcing children to conform to stereotypes, and it might mean challenging bullying that relates to perceived difference.

What about children who have two man-mummies or woman-daddies? Or a man-mummy and a woman-mummy, or a woman-daddy or a man-daddy. I wonder why they left that bit out.

Whatever. The kids should just ignore everything the adults say, and they’ll be fine.

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