Donny and Nige

Marina Hyde on The Great Intrusion:

FBI raids on former presidents; filing stuff in the U-bend – another hugely uplifting 24 hours in politics. Not for the first time, much of the most unwittingly revealing commentary on it all comes from Trump himself, who says of the raid, “nothing like this has ever happened to a President of the United States before”. Well quite.

Well quite, indeed. Why would that be? Oooh it’s a tough one…let me think hard for a second…oh I know, couldn’t it be because no president of the US has been such a determined criminal before? Not even Nixon?

The whole business has appalled freedom-loving anti-elitist Nigel Farage, who this morning announced himself to be “shocked” by the FBI’s presence at Trump’s property, before concluding that “the deep state truly does exist”. Carry yourself with the moral and intellectual consistency of Nigel, who believes that rich and powerful men who are the subject of multiple active criminal investigations should be above the law, while he himself has previously endorsed a US political candidate who – among other things – believes that all homosexuality should be made illegal.

Maybe Nigel and Donald could become a comedy duo type of thing. Not quite Pete and Dud, not quite Laurie and Fry, but maybe up there with Abbott and Costello?

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